Rallying Anthem For The Common Good – “We’re All In This Together”

I discovered this line in a WaPo article published yesterday (the 16th) entitled “How Long Will Social Distancing For Corona Virus Last?”

How well America is able to flatten and bend its epidemiological curve of infections depends largely on how willing people will be to sacrifice individual conveniences and on their desire to save the lives of others.


Much is being said about the role which young adults and teens play in staying home to social distance from others. The leading doctor at the federal level spoke directly to this population in the press briefing today:

While the new Bitmoji stickers (see above) might help convince the young to step up and “cooperate,” I have another idea – A rallying anthem!

A buzz phrase I’ve been reading and hearing is “We’re all in this together.” – the Washington governor to Governor DeWine in my home state of Ohio and even on the digital road signs on Ohio highways:

The good news is that we already have a ready-to-go rallying anthem with which those in the younger generations are already well acquainted:

And if you’re older (like me) and don’t have the words memorized, use this video to learn them:

So, how about it? We all need a 20 second long song to sing while properly washing our hands. Can we make it this one and remember to rally for The Common Good as we wash and sing?

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