My New Sub-Podcast – “Values For The Common Good” China and Pragmatism

I’m taking on a new podcasting project which I hope will create useful and inspirational content during this COVID-19 Crisis.

Listen to the first episode here –—Values-for-the-Common-Good—Pragmatism-ebidkq

In the “Values for the Common Good,” I’ll use the values (in the order they are listed) in the 2020 book The Values Compass: What 101 Countries Teach Us About Purpose, Life and Leadership by Dr. Mandeep Rai.

Each episode will be about 10 minutes long. I start with the quote by Gandhi Dr. Rai uses to begin her book:

by Mahatma Gandhi

Then, I share a few quotes by Dr. Rai about the value as well as the nation which she believes most exemplifies that particular value.

And I end the 10 minute episode with a reflection on how living that value will help us to support The Common Good during the COVID-19 Crisis.

The first episode (and the first value listed in the book) is PRAGMATISM as exemplified by China.

More about Dr. Rai and this book can be found here and/or in the video below:

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