App of the COVIDay – Libby Library Access

I’m going to have a number of regular features on this blog. The first I’m launching is one in which I’ll share an app which will help make life in a time of pandemic more interesting, educational and bearable!

I will likely post a list at some point of apps which will keep you up-to-date on the virus itself. This feature is going to be for apps which will provide services which you can use as you practice considerate Social Distancing.

If you have a local public library which allows you to access ebooks and audiobooks, chances are your library card will work within the Libby app

This remarkably user-friendly app replaces the clunky, hard to navigate OverDrive app/interface.

One of the coolest features of it, is that if you hold multiple library cards which access the content, you can put both/all of your card numbers into the app. Then, you can easily toggle back and forth between your libraries to see which ebooks and audiobooks are available to check out.

If your desired material is presently checked out, you can easily place a hold on it and clearly see how many holds are in place ahead of yours.

So, if your brick and mortar library is now closed for a while, check out Libby and check out great reading and listening material now.

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