Presence Podcast -87-Year 2- Presence in American Gun Troubles, Irish Fest and Made for Better

#87 -Year 2- Presence in American Gun Troubles, Irish Fest and Made for Better

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I recorded this episode at the Dublin (Ohio) Irish Festival after celebrating mass with our Bishop Robert Brennan. My heart is heavy and I’m angry too after 20 were killed by an American terrorist in El Paso yesterday and 9 murdered early this morning in Dayton – 90 minutes from here. I talked with a Northern Irish author and am struck by how this form of domestic terrorism we are facing isn’t too different than what he grew up with in Belfast. Any yet I am encouraged by the refrain from Bishop Brennan’s homily – We are made for better than this. God is here and ready to empower us to support life by enacting common sense gun laws. We pray for those lost and also MUST work to end this violence. There are solutions if we but have the courage to stand up and enact them.

This is Greg McVicker, whose powerful words about the Northern Irish “Troubles” I read in the episode.

Bishop Robert Brennan of the Diocese of Columbus preaching at mass.

He is the first active bishop of our local diocese to preside and preach at this festival in its decades of existence.

I was pleased to discover that this is a Zero Waste Festival. This is the most important way this Irish Festival can go green!

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