Total Solar Eclipse – TODAY (March 8th) and Aug. 21, 2017

Hey! Quick post here (as I have to get back to real work).

Did you know there’s a total eclipse of the sun today at 7:37pm EST. No, it’s not here in the U.S. (not yet -see below), but in southeast Asia. But you can view it live in a number of places on-line including here and here. And here’s the narrow path of today’s totality:


This map may not be that exciting as your location isn’t on it.

How about this map from a different site:


Yes, it’s the path of totality for the “Great American Eclipse” on August 21, 2017.

It’s been a long time since a total solar eclipse passed right over most of the U.S., so make your plans now and follow the new countdown clock on this blog!

UPDATE @ 8:20pm EST

Here’s the photos of the eclipse from the Slooh stream from Indonesia (in order from start to finish):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Watching on NASA’s streaming channel and waiting for the eclipse from Micronesia….





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