Friday FaithPost -“Break My Heart Sweetly”

Faithful readers of this blog know that every Friday I try to offer a Friday FunLink to end the week with some levity. As we approach Lent, I wanted to begin with a more somber, faith-oriented post on the Fridays until Easter arrives. Of course there is a long tradition in the Church reserving Friday for the remembrance of Christ’s death. Sunday is the day for celebration of Christ’s Resurrection and even during Lent it is a day for celebration.

Today’s post is a short video which I’m showing to my classes today. Prior to praying with the saint for the day, I like to share with my classes something which struck me in the previous 24 hours. Sometimes it’s a news story, an image, a fact, a prayer or reflective quote. My goal is to show either a prayer need for which we will communally pray and/or an example of how God is present in the world around us.

As I shared/am sharing today, I discovered this video as well as the performer this morning at 5:30 am while I was unloading the dishwasher. Readers know that I am a huge Stephen Colbert fan and that I’ve watched every episode of his show thus far. I often do this by propping up my iPad on the kitchen counter and watching while I do the dishes. And this was the segment from last Monday’s show which was next in my watching queue:


I am moved by the simple power of this song. “Break my Heart Sweetly” is a title rich with irony and sorrow. Moreland, who doesn’t look like your typical singer, carries the lyrics of altars, prayers, halos and demons, with grace and depth. I’d not encountered this artist previously and immediately I did some searching.  He has a religious (Baptist) background which is apparent in the respectful wrestling with faith he does in his music.

And a tip of the hat to Colbert for having this and many other interesting, diverse, and rising artists on his nightly national showcase.

Break My Heart Sweetly by John Moreland:

I swore the days were over, courting empty dreams
I worshiped at the altar of losing everything
And the guard I held together is losing all its shape
And in my head you look so gorgeous, it’s keeping me awake

There’s a scar on my soul, so let me down easy
Break my heart sweetly, like you always do
I guess I can’t let go til you wreck me completely
Break my heart sweetly, drape me in blue

I was never scared of nothing, I thought I had a home
Life went and broke me open, cause I carried it alone
I’m finding all this well worn sadness I never knew I kept
And I still chase you into heartache every time you take a step

I swore the days were over, courting empty dreams
I worshiped at the altar of losing everything
And you had a halo made of diamonds, resting on your head
I should be dealing with my demons, but I’m dodging them instead



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