Short, Engaging Videos About History of Halloween, All Saints and All Souls

So it’s Friday, October 30th – the day after the Beggar’s Night celebration in my area. What, in your neck of the woods they don’t trick or treat two days before October 31st? And Friday is the day before Halloween and two days before All Saints Day. Thinking your students will be hyped up on already solicited candy or the anticipation of collecting candy? Desiring a video-based lesson upon which they are more likely to focus than just you talking?

Well, here’s what I’m showing to my Religion 9 and Religion 10 students:

This first video offers a quick and interesting overview of Halloween and the origin of some of the customs.

I’ll show this one next. While it covers some of the same ground as the first one, I like the movie clips that it shows. I wonder if the Great Pumpkin will come this year?

I think students will enjoy the astonishing story of this saint and the engaging animation. It offers a good transition between the first two secular videos and the much more religious fourth one.

This is the longest one of the set at over 12 min (the first three are each about 3 minutes long). The art is beautiful, the narration is pretty good and it offers a solid, scriptural and tradition-based explanation of the three feast days. And it explains the Catholic teaching on Purgatory in an accessible and compassionate manner.

I won’t have time on Friday for this last video from the good people of Busted Halo. I’ll likely show it next week when our school celebrates the Feast of All Saints on Tuesday.

I hope it is a good teaching day for us on the 30th and a blessed celebration this weekend of those whom have gone before us in faith – our extended family in heaven!

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