Sun(Fun)Day Night – New Star Wars Poster and Movie Posters Without Text

It’s Sunday night and the countdown to a return to the classroom continues. How ready will you be to teach Monday morning? I’m feeling hopeful, but I still have much to do today!

My 14 year-old son ran up to me earlier today with our Chromebook to excitedly show me the brand new Star Wars poster which “dropped” today. Here’s the full poster and a link to it’s source:


Star Wars New Poster - 2

Those who have been following the colossal hype leading up to it’s December 18, 2015 premier, know that this image gives a big detail which has been missing so far in the early trailers. What’s up with the planet looking thing in the upper right? Is it a new (the third) Death Star? Sadly, the text at the bottom doesn’t offer any insight.

The text-less version of this poster (in the heading for this post) got me thinking about an interesting link I found recently. The creators took 20+ familiar movie posters, removed the text, and left only the (often) iconic images.  My favorite ones (the posters, not necessarily movies) are:

Text Less Movie 1

Text Less Movie 2

Text Less Movie 3

I think what I find most interesting about these is how the blank areas (where the text was) accentuate the iconic image that we associate with this movie. For most of these we don’t need the text as that lone image is so powerfully familiar.

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