Sun(Fun)day Night – 40 Years Ago Today – Saturday Night Live Debuts

It’s Sunday night – the busiest night of the week for us teachers. We’re (frantically?) getting ready for a new week and perhaps anxiety about the coming five days is setting in.

In honor of the very first episode of SNL, which aired forty years ago today, I invite you to take about 3 1/2 minutes to watch this funny (and surprisingly clean) opening monologue by the legendary George Carlin. 

I can’t embed the video here for ease of access as NBC carefully hosts all SNL content. But I can share his classic monologue “Stuff.” This is particularly relevant in light of the gospel of this week about the young man who couldn’t give up his stuff.


NOTE: The language in most of the video is pretty tame for Carlin, but the last, quickly delivered line is definitely NSFW!!!

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