Road to Sainthood Infographic

It’s a big week for the U.S.A. as we’ll welcome the popular and prophetic (to both the left and right in American Catholicism) Pope Francis to our shores.  There will be lots of interest by the general public and (hopefully) in our students about all things Catholic.

When Pope Francis canonizes the controversial Spaniard Junipero Serra as part of the afternoon mass on Wednesday in D.C., interest in the process of canonization and saints in general will likely spike.

The expansive Patheos Catholic Channel presents a great infographic illustrating the often lengthy and misunderstood process.  Project this on your board, print it and distribute it, share it with your non-Catholic friends via social media and celebrate this historic week!

Personal note: When I taught years ago at the all-girls Notre Dame Belmont (CA), our “brother” school was Junipero Serra High School in San Mateo (CA).  I’m sure there’s much excitement there at the canonization of their patron. I wonder how quickly they’ll be changing the signs to Saint JSHS.

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