Friday FunLink – “There’s No Way ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ Could Happen in 2015”

Now that I’m firmly in middle-age, it blows my mind that many of my favorite movies of my teen years are turning 30 years-old in 2015.  It was truly a vintage year for films as the following classics were all released:

And some not so classic (but still quite memorable):

But today, as the image above shows, I’m thinking about Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It was released in 1986 (the same year as other classic films such as Platoon, Top Gun, Stand by Me, The Color of Monday, and Police Academy 3: Back in Training). I included the list of 1985 films above because that was the year Day Off was written and set.  And because the list of films turning 30 this year is much more impressive than the 1986 ones!

Today in class, I showed my students the 1:30 clip below in which Ferris, Cameron and Sloane go to the Chicago Institute of Art. I showed this evocative scene to illustrate how I am inviting my students to gaze at art when we use it to mindfully meditate in class.  I have numerous links to share later about the value of meditation, but for now, I have a funny one about Ferris Bueller.

From Mashable, comes “There’s No Way ‘Ferris Bueller’ Could Happen in 2015″ It’s an insightful list of the technologies we take for granted today which would have torpedoed Bueller’s day off before it even sailed.  The list (which is humorously illustrated and explained at the link above) includes:

  • Tinder
  • Car-locking apps
  • Google Image Search
  • GPS
  • Instagram
  • Geocached Teets
  • Caller ID apps
  • Vine
  • Web MD

Look at the list of films above and think of all of today’s technology which would ruin nearly every single one of them, e.g. drones and Top Gun; Googling a name and Fletch; Google Earth & Wikipedia and Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (or simply Googling: “Does the Alamo have a basement?”); and Rotten Tomatoes and the eternal and infernal Police Academy sequels.



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