Laughing With The Lectionary –

If you’ve been downloading the lectionary gospel that I’ve posted each week during the school year, you’ve likely noticed the comic of two lambs who provide commentary on the scripture.  I told my students that I’d look up the lambs’ names this week.  I finally got a moment to do this an lo and behold, Rick is the dark nosed one (usually on the right) while the other is named Ted.

I also learned this about the creator of the strip:


Agnus Day is the creation of Pastor James Wetzstein, a Lutheran pastor. Jim serves as University Pastor at Valparaiso University, where his student charges keep him up late and his head full of big ideas.

Jim lives with his wife Tracey and their son Gabriel. Tracey often helps with punch lines. Gabe, not so much. There’s a dog, a couple of cats, but no sheep.

And apparently this is Pastor Jim and his loved ones:  - 2

Here’s a comic I’ll soon use when teaching the Genesis creation stories: - 3

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