7 Deadly Sins – Of Teaching

As I plan my Religion 10 class, one of the first things we’ll study is the list of The Seven Deadly Sins.  Per the USCCB “framework” for Religion classes, the course is focused on soteriology and christology.  We start with why God created everything and how/why sin tarnished God’s creation.  One of the ways we approach the 7 Deadly is by careful examination of Bosch’s remarkable painting:

Bosch Sins

As we think about how we’ll create the environment of our classrooms this coming school year, I think it’s helpful to reflect upon how we can fall into these same sins in our professional lives as educators.

I think this is a great list and a valuable time to engage in an examination of conscience to discover how we can be guilty of these.  And how we can ask for help and support in avoiding them in 2015-2016!

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