Introducing … uncommoncommunion

Like Fraiser from Cheers or Mork and Mindy and Laverne and Shirley from Happy Days, this blog now has a spin-offuncommon communion.

After looking back through this history of posts on Ed Tech Emergent, I realized that more than a few crossed from the stated mission of the site to wider territory.  While I hope readers have enjoyed exploring that wider territory, it has taken us afield from the core goals of this blog.  And this is a professional, team blog with a fundamentally educational focus.

So please visit (and follow) uncommoncommunion.  Learn more about me and the vision of that blog.

Thus far my topics (in order) have included:

Introducing…An Uncommon Perspective on Life, the Universe and Everything

Why “uncommoncommunion?”

The Fitbit and Confession

15 Promises All Couples Should Be Able to Make to Each Other

The Greater Glory of God via Soccer and Baseball

So, please come and visit me over at uncommoncommunion. I promise it will be interesting, thought-provoking and worth the trip.

Thanks!  Rick


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