88 College Taglines Arranged as a Poem

Certainly the soon-to-be seniors at our schools have college on their minds.  Perhaps they visited a school or two (or ten) over the summer.  Surely their mail and email boxes are full of promotional materials encouraging them to become a part of this, that, and the other college or university.  Maybe a tagline or two (or ten) caught their attention and led them to check out a school more carefully.

For a thought-provoking and chuckle-inducing break, here’s my favorite part of a great list of memorable taglines arranged as a poem:

Start With a Dream, Finish With a Future
Imagine Your Future
Walk Into Your Future
Your Future Starts Here
Your Future Is Our Future
Your Future. Our Mission.
Your Future, Our Focus
The Focus Is You
You First
The Education You Want. The Attention You Deserve.
The Perfect Fit for You
As Distinctive as You
Like No Place Else on Earth
The coolest thing about the full list at the site is that you can click on any line to discover which learning institution uses it.
And if you liked this poem, be sure to check out the companion one: 88 Weird College Trademarks Arranged as a Poem

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