19 Back to School Classroom Ideas

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t put a tremendous amount of effort into creating decorations or art in my classroom.  I do believe in having art – especially student created art – on the walls and elsewhere in the room.  Having attractive, inspiring and thought-provoking images for my students to view goes a long way in creating the vibe and spirit of my classroom.

I also use the “plug-in” type of fragrance dispensers to create olfactory feeling in my students.  I rotate the scents seasonally throughout the school year.  Not only do my students gain a scent memory of my room, but this helps counter the inevitable “funk” which develops during the times of the year when we can’t open the windows.  It’s a high value for me to have my room smell good for my students (and for me as I have to be in there all day!)

From the surprisingly robust HuffPost Education, here’s some ideas for the crafty folks out there to make your classroom more attractive and inviting.  Some of the ones on the list are clearly for younger students.  But I think many could be easily modified for older students instead.

Here’s a few of my favorites:


What a cool way to inspire and challenge your students as they see the outside of your classroom door!



A+ for engaging creativity.  C- for near copyright violation.



I like this one for classrooms where pencils are frequently used.


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