10 Quick Fixes That Every School Can Implement Immediately

A thoughtful blogger from “Brilliant or Insane: Education on the Edge” offers this list to ponder as a new school year is about to commence.  Some of the items require both the description and the links provided through the post.  So, be sure to check out the source for more info!

  1. Replace meetings with a backchannel and a bin
  2. Use a Pineapple Chart to boost teacher collaboration.
  3. Escape the chaos
  4. Mange behavior problems with Track Records
  5. Employ students to solve your tech problems
  6. Nurture newbies with Marigolds
  7. Promote blended learning with the in-class flip
  8. Creature a culture of readers with a Book Nook
  9. Show off with a Glass Classroom
  10. Reimagine data with a 360 Spreadsheet.

Which of these sound the most intriguing?  Which one(s) can/will you implement this coming school year?



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