Delicious, Easy, Healthy “Overnight Oatmeal”

My evening is drawing to a close which means it’s time to prepare my overnight oatmeal for tomorrow’s breakfast.

“WT Heck!?!” you might be thinking. And why is he including this on a blog for teachers about technology?

I was surprised when I discovered this amazing way to combine quite healthy ingredients to make a breakfast that I can eat quickly or take with me to eat on the go. Adding this to my daily routine has been one of the best things I’ve done in 2015.

And I think other teachers would like an easy to make, easy to take breakfast treat.

After learning about how ridiculously healthy eating oatmeal is, I started to eat it hot each morning.  Then I’d eat my bowl or cup of Greek yogurt.  Now, these ingredients and much more good stuff is together in the same bowl or jar.

The formal recipes are found here and also here.  These versions recommend using empty peanut butter or Mason jars.  I started using these, but now use glass Anchor/Pyrex containers with tightly sealing lids.

Here’s the version I’ll be creating in a few minutes:

2/3 cup dry, “Old Fashioned” oatmeal

2/3 cup 1% milk

1 cup of Greek yogurt – plain, unsweetened or flavored, sweetened

1/3 cup of unsweetened applesauce

Small handful of dried fruit (I like raisins or dried cranberries) or sliced fresh fruit in season (any berries are particularly great)

1 tbs of Bob’s Red Mill, Whole Ground Flaxseed Meal – Since flax seed is called “one of the most powerful plant foods on the planet” the addition of this relatively tasteless ingredient really takes this breakfast off the health charts.

Mix all of these ingredients in a jar or bowl.  Cover and place in the fridge overnight.  By morning you’ll have a delicious*, extraordinarily healthy breakfast to eat now or later.

Aviary Photo_130742356411790609


* One caveat: The texture seems odd at first (in part b/c of the expectation that oatmeal to be eaten hot) and neither my wife nor I liked it on the first taste.  But after one or two more tries the taste and texture grew on us.

Now, we both eat it every day for breakfast.  The five minutes or so it takes to prepare sets me up for one of the best parts of my morning – digging into a yummy breakfast which is better for me than most anything else I could have!

Bon Appetite!  I need to make my breakfast for tomorrow morning!

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