Great, Free MOOC on Dante’s “Purgatorio” – Underway Now!

Earlier, I posted about MOOC’s and the increasing value of them.  I’ve dabbled in a few so far – registered, watched a video or two and then became too busy to give much attention to learning through it.

I’ve just started a truly amazing one from which I am going to learn much.  It is offered by Georgetown U. through an innovative, highly interactive portal.  The topic is Dante’s “Purgatorio” – the second book of the highly influential “The Divine Comedy.” 

Aviary Photo_130721298465914726

It began last week, so register quickly to not be too far behind.  Go to the edX portal, create an account and then register.  You’ll then have access to Georgetown’s “My Dante” portal.

Aviary Photo_130721298881175379


Can you receive CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) for this MOOC, like you can with other on-line courses?  Our diocese, already grants credit for paid classes through Dayton U.  The coordinator and her committee are currently considering whether to grant units for MOOC courses which may not have the same form of verification as similar, paid-registration courses.

Are you registering for and participating in this Dante course?  If so, let me know to look for you there!

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