A Catholic’s Guide to March Madness

Before any of the Catholic basketball teams are eliminated from the tournament, this short piece posted at Crux is well worth reading.  It offers a description of each of the Catholic teams in the tournament as well as a thumbnail history of their founding religious order.  My favorite part of the article is speculation on not whether each team will win, but rather how the charism of the school might influence play.  My favorite quote:

“Gonzaga is named after Aloysius Gonzaga, who gave up great wealth to join the Jesuits and died soon afterward while caring for the poor. This desire for finding spiritual wealth in material poverty might also be linked with St. John’s University’s Vincentienne Fathers, and their allegiance to St. Vincent de Paul. A game between St. John’s and Gonzaga might result in an overflowing of generosity as each team passed the ball to the other in a nod to their histories.”

Update: If you play Kahoot with your students, I’ve created one entitled: March Madness 2015 Catholic Mascots.  

Update #2: The author of the above article has updated his thoughts about the Catholic teams after the first weekend of the tournament. 

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