Good News! Teachers Live Longer!

Well, sort of.  More and more scientific evidence is mounting that a sedentary life-style, especially in which one sits at a desk all (or most of) the day, can actually subtract years off of your life expectancy! 

This article does a nice job of summing up this research while offering recommendations.

The main take-aways from the article:

  • New research continues to mount that the more hours you spend sitting in a day, the shorter your lifespan may be – even if you engage in regular exercise
  • Women who sit for 10 or more hours a day have a significantly greater risk of developing heart disease than those who sit for five hours or less
  • The key to counteract the ill effects of sitting is to repeatedly interrupt your sitting; try setting a timer and standing up at least once every 20 minutes or at least 30-35 times (spread out) in a day
  • Correct posture and standing up 30 times per day may compensate for the damage that is done by long periods of sitting.

I don’t know about you, but I actually sit for less than two hours during my work day teaching.  And I imagine nearly 100% of teachers sit far less than the 10 hours a day that puts one into the “significantly greater risk” category.

And standing every 20 minutes?  How about if I try sitting for even a few minutes each hour?

What is actual teacher mortality rate compared to other professions? According to the study cited at this blog, teaching has the third lowest rate after religious clergy and accountants and is quite a bit lower than architects and engineers. So, I guess standing and being a “sage on the stage” is much better for you long term than hunching over a desk.

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