Chag Purim Sameach or Happy Purim! Videos for Teaching about the Holiday

Sundown tonight begins the Jewish festival of Purim.  This joyous celebration, remembering the salvation of the Jewish people by God through Queen Esther, is filled with religious meaning and many traditions.

I like to teach my freshman and sophomore Religion students about the Jewish holidays as understanding these is crucial to knowing the culture and traditions out of which Christianity developed.

Here’s a few YouTube videos I’m using today in class:

Purim Animated – an engaging 4:46 overview of the story of Esther and her people.

Aviary Photo_130699724233193023

The Book of Esther Goes Western – a very creative 4:40 re-telling of the same story, but with a “spaghetti western” motif.

Aviary Photo_130699726459116954

And for a Sesame Street (actually “Shalom Sesame”) inspired version there’s the 2:29 Purim Story.

To learn about how one young boy celebrates Purim there the 2:32 Eli Celebrates Purim. And for muppet fans, there’s the 2:47 “Be Happy! It’s Purim.”

Aviary Photo_130699726870164545

Finally for a humorous, but factually accurate look at how some Jewish adults celebrate Purim, view the 3:51 parody Move Like Graggers.

For more videos and other information about Purim, visit the American Jewish site AISH.


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