Most Significant YouTube Videos in the First Decade

OK, so I missed noting YouTube’s ten year anniversary last week.  If you’ve not seen this site listing the astounding numbers of the top ten most viewed videos, it’s worth a look.  It’s mind-blowing that the Gangnam Style K-Pop music video has received 2.2 billion views since it debuted on 7/15/12.  Compare this to the current estimated world population of 7.1 billion.

Those are the most viewed, but what are the most significant ones?  Business Insider answered the question with a Top Ten List of their own.  Number one on their list, is the first YouTube video ever: “Me at the Zoo”

Aviary Photo_130689526036121074

Of course, if you’re looking to supplement your income you could aim to become one of the twenty most popular YouTubers in the world, some of whom have actually made millions of dollars from their YouTube “channels.”

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