How Does A Typical U.S. School Lunch Compare to Others From Around the World?

It’s about 20 minutes until lunchtime, so there’s nothing like looking at photos of food before the lunch bell rings.

I wonder what a “typical” U.S. lunch looks like:

Aviary Photo_130680591745365731


Oh, yes, I’ve seen that in our school cafeteria.  Except I think it was “mini corndogs” instead of the chicken “nuggets.”

I wonder what kids might be eating elsewhere in the world today…

Aviary Photo_130680592206788498


Ok, so the French are known for their food.  How about another country….

Aviary Photo_130680592639562041


Well, the Greeks are known for great food too.  What about down on the Iberian Peninsula?

Aviary Photo_130680601589521734


Wow – shrimp!  It’s only because they have lots of oceanfront in their nation.  What about countries outside of Europe…

Aviary Photo_130680608223062307


Aviary Photo_130680608537741730


So, maybe I won’t head down to the lunchroom.  I’ll just grab my passport and go…

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