Weekly Lectionary Gospel (4th Sunday Ordinary Time) & Reflection Resources on the Gospel

Happy February and the Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time.  Don’t get too used to those green vestments as we’re only 17 days away from Ash Wednesday on February 18th.

In a previous post I gave a link to the folder where I place an illuminated version of the weekly lectionary gospel.  I’ll continue to post to that location.  I’m planning on posting links each Saturday or Sunday to the gospel for the upcoming link. See above for what this week’s file looks like:

You can get the PDF version here.  And the editable PPT version here.

Disclaimer – Since I don’t seek to profit from these files, I don’t cite the source for each of the images found through a Google Search.

As mentioned previously, my students use the weekly gospel file as a focus for the prayer they lead at the start of class each day.  Frequently, a student offers a particularly meaningful reflection on the gospel.

Here’s some other Catholic sites which offer reflections on weekly and/or daily gospels:

Aviary Photo_130672840836334242

My daily go-to site is from Creighton University in Omaha.  They have many resources – the monthly calendar is great as it offers a link to the scripture for the day at the USCCB website and a brief reflection from a Creighton staff member.  I find the reflections to be down-to-earth, relevant, and useful in my own reflection.

Aviary Photo_130672841473239789

Thinking of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, they offer a brief video reflection on the scripture for the day found here.

Aviary Photo_130672841160260681

A few Catholic publishers offer scripture reflections.  Long respected RCL Benziger offers a reflection and resources.

Aviary Photo_130672841811513280

The Jesuit Loyola Press has this site with resources geared to different age levels.

Aviary Photo_130672842211175001

Other notable sites include: A Catholic Moment.

Aviary Photo_130672843104927362


Aviary Photo_130672842748163243

A Catholic Mom – resources for the littlest ones.

A few more of note – Pencil Preaching; Daily Bread, Center for Action and Contemplation (Fr. Richard Rohr) and the very brief Brother Give Us A Word.

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