The Ingredients of A Creative Teacher

Aviary Photo_130672921178010388

Am I a creative teacher?  Are you one?  Check out this post which lists the “3 Seeds of a Creative Classroom”

I’m certainly not artistically creative nor can I compose music or play an instrument.  I’m a decent actor and I can write pretty well (although I prefer writing essays to fiction “creative” writing). Yet I can’t build, repair, sculpt or paint to save my life.

I do think I’m a rather creative teacher.  I’m not an off-the-wall, something different every day, surprises galore kind of teacher like the memorable, yet fictional, Mr. Jupiter in the “Fabled Fourth Graders of Aesop Elementary” my 11 year-old daughter and I recently read together.  I do strive to create lessons and activities which will invite my students to stretch and grow as they learn.  I like to try new technology which will enhance either the process of learning or the way my students communicate their learning to me and their classmates.  And, I’m not afraid to flop if something doesn’t work quite the way that I hoped!

I like the sound of this “21 Day Teacher Empowerment Challenge”.  There’s a fee for participation ($21) which might be off-set by my school’s PD fund.  If I jump into it, I’ll let you know how it goes and what I learn.

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