Windchill Warning Day – A Good Day for Weather Apps

Another day off from school this week – this time for “dangerously” cold windchill readings this morning.  I didn’t have to scan and refresh the local news sites this morning as every local district sent out announcements last night canceling school today.

I did check my iPad weather apps when I awoke this morning just to have my eyes pop out at the frigid numbers:


From WeatherBug, my go-to app.



Yahoo Weather – a beautiful, free app, but one I had to delete today b/c it kept crashing



From ClearWeather – a clean, colorful look which gives you the basics at a glance.



Dark Sky – a very cool app that will send you notices when precipitation is on its way to your pinpointed location.

And it also gives you richly colored maps for both precipitation and temperature:


Makes me shiver just looking at it!


As cold as it was today, it pales compared to our air temp and windchill last year on Monday, January 6th:


-29 windchill.  Note the igloo for the “current” conditions.  Cute.


And this one, also from Jan 6, 2014 with a “RealFeel” of -39!  Yow!

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