How Do You Solve a Problem Like – Finding Apps & Sites for a Specific Topic

If you read the previous post on weather conditions/forecasting apps, you may have been wondering how are these apps educational technology for the classroom.

I’ll admit, I’m more than a bit of a weather geek in that I like to compare forecasts and features in the greater than a couple of weather apps on my iPad.  Knowing the weather does have a classroom application on days like yesterday when a student asked me: “Do you think we’ll have school tomorrow?”  My reply: “Well, young man, let me tell you what I just learned from my weather apps…”

I did get to thinking to myself: “What if I was a Science teacher and I wanted to quickly find an app or website today to use to teach about the weather, especially wind chill and other topical aspects.”

Recently I found this very good link listing five sites which offer extensive searches of educational technology based on specific topics.

A couple on the list deserve special mention:

Aviary Photo_130652123048063391

Graphite is sponsored by Common Sense Media, which is the site I use frequently as a parent wondering if a certain movie, book or TV show is appropriate for one of my children.  Graphite provides quite a bit of good info, including age appropriateness (down to early elementary), of the sites and apps it describes.


Aviary Photo_130652123359428301

This is from Scoop.It!, with which I am not familiar, but looks like it has promise.

What sites do you go to when you’re seeking apps or sites for a specific topic?

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