Gadgets – Home and Internet Security for Parents & Kids

I admit, I’m a gadget guy.  I don’t have much disposable income (I’m a Catholic school teacher after-all) to actually buy most of the interesting items, but I do like to “window shop” and see what’s out there.

This list of useful gadgets geared specifically for parents caught my eye.

My wife and I have talked about investing in some type of home security gadget (or a full home system like SimpliSafe).  We just gave our 11 year-old an iPad Mini and our 13 year-old a Galaxy Tablet for Christmas.  So our need for structuring safe and limited internet access for them has increased significantly from when they were just using one of our older laptops.  We’ve used Qustodio for the last year and have been pleased with how it monitors and secures usage on a laptop.  Using it on a tablet though is more tricky and easier for the kids to subvert.

Keeping this pressing need in mind, I was excited to see this gadget about halfway down the list:

Aviary Photo_130642721596862609

Wow!  This makes sense – we have controlled networks within every school containing only “approved” sites, so why can’t we create this within our homes?  I’d buy this device tomorrow if it could keep my 11 and 13 year-olds safe and also save me the hassle of looking at their devices for their histories, etc.

Rather than buying Kidokey now, the question is: Would I pledge a donation to make it a reality so that I and others can buy it later?

Aviary Photo_130642725128661554

I’d consider making this my first pledge on Kickstarter as it’s a gadget that would truly improve the lives of my kids and me.  Sadly, my donation alone won’t get them to their goal as they are $91,700 CAD short of what they need to start production.  Bummer.

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