Bikes Instead of Desks?

I’ve been thinking about the L.A. Times article I posted last week about the teacher who shadowed a couple of her students for a day.  My biggest take-away from her reflection is how little movement the students did during the day (aside from going from class to class) and how exhausting it was to sit and sit some more.

The text of this article and especially the photos, led me to wonder how this would work in my classroom – especially the last period, freshmen one where I know they have energy to burn.

Bikes Instead of Desks?

Stationary Bike Desks

In my classroom, perhaps the bikes could power the cords to charge the iPads of the students who raise their hand in class and say: “My iPad is at 2% charge.  What should I do?”  With the bikes, the answer becomes: “Pedal faster!”


Screenshot 2014-12-04 15.34.50

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