Welcome to Our Place for Collaboration!

Welcome to a new place for collaboration. Thanks for visiting.

Rachel, Tera and I hope you’ll join our community of teachers who want to share successes, struggles, questions, web links, videos and more related to educating – especially with technology.

As we are affiliated with a Catholic school, it’s helpful to have a patron saint to guide us in this endeavor. We are blessed to have two!

Our first patron is the Apostle St. James the Greater.  One of “the Sons of Thunder,” he was a bold evangelist for Christ. We hope to use this blog as a place to share ideas about enhancing our educational vocation with technology.

Our second patron, is the proposed patron of the internet – St. Isidore of Seville. He used the technology of his time period  (the 6th century) to compile a compendium of the knowledge of the world. We have an amazing educational resource in the internet and a great means of access through iPads.  The conversation here will be about how we can best use these tools for educating our students.

So, what thoughts and hopes do you have for this place of collaboration?

Any other ideas about possible patron saints?


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