How to Set Up Shared Google Drive Folders for Students (VIDEO)

A step-by-step video illustrating how to set up individual Google Drive folders through which you can receive student documents and distribute student documents.


  1. If you are visual person like myself and want an easy way to keep your student folders even more organized…
    You can COLOR CODE students' folders
    On your PC-
    1. right click the folder
    2. from the drop down menu select “change color”
    3. a palate of colors will appear
    4. select your color and “voilĂ ” you can color code
    I do this to show which students are up to date on their assignments, which students are behind, or which students were absent. The possibilities are endless! Use your own system to help keep yourself organized!


  2. I use the color coding too in similar ways.

    Unfortunately, these colors only show up when you're using your Drive via a browser and not when you access it via the app on your iPad. Overall, the web version has more features and functionality than the iOS app.


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