Customizable Digital "Magazines" for Professional Development

If you’ve not discovered Zite or Flipboard for the iPad, you’re missing something special.

Zite is the one that I use more frequently as I find its interface to be simpler and more compact.  Like the visually dull RSS feed collecting and displaying sites of a few years back, Zite and Flipboard constantly search the internet for stories.  The links which are displayed for you are based upon interests you establish with the site upon registration.  Additionally, as you click on links, the search engine is refined to better match your interests.  Unlike the old RSS feed sites, the results are displayed with beautiful and interactive layouts.


You can also instruct these engine to gather, in one convenient location, stories from favorite sources.  Related to educational technology, on Zite I receive great info from “Edutopia,” “Edudemic” “” and other educational sources.

Flipboard is the more elaborate app.  The stories are accessed by swiping the iPad screen in simulation of turning pages in a print magazine.  In addition to acquiring material from a huge range of public sites, Flipboard will also display postings from your social media sites like facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Screenshot 2

Beyond the information these apps gather, is the beautiful way that the content is displayed.  Flipboard shows bright, engaging images from the stories complied which expand the value of the content.

What are some of your favorite sources of educational, especially technology related, information on Zite and Flipboard?

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